Inaugural Lupus Awareness Golf Open

Please join us for an afternoon of great golf, fun and the important work of bringing awareness and support to one of the cruelest diseases, Lupus.

In Lupus, a person’s body literally attacks itself: the immune system mistakes healthy organs as dangerous intruders and causes significant pain, inflammation and life threatening complications. Over 1.5 million American suffer from Lupus: more than ALS, cystic fibrosis, MS and AIDS combined. Lupus is most frequently diagnosed in women of childbearing age, although it can affect anyone at any age. Minorities are affected three times as frequently, and three out of four Lupus patients experience complete disability at some point in their lives.

The Mid-South Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America is based in Nashville, but provides needed services to Lupus patients in Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Your generosity in sponsoring and participating in this tournament makes possible innovative services such as one-on-one educational counseling, support groups throughout the service area, and funding of research to help create better treatments and, at last, a cure for Lupus.

In September of 2014, I was invited by some friends to play in a golf tournament up in Oxford, CT, which was established to raise funds for the Eric Pearson Lupus Foundation. Eric was diagnosed with Lupus when he was 5 years old. After a painful, eleven-year battle with Lupus disease, eventually he passed at age sixteen. I was inspired by the knowledge I gained during the tournament, so on my flight back home, I decided to bring the golf, the fun and the “awareness” to Nashville, by having a tournament dedicated towards Lupus at the famous Hermitage Golf Course in Old Hickory, TN.

Throughout my life prior to the tournament in Oxford CT, I had heard the words “Lupus disease”, but I had no understanding, nor awareness of this cruel, mysterious disease. After discussing my tournament plans with several associates, they informed me that they either knew or were related to someone who has this disease. Several months after that, a close friend told me his wife was recently hired as the CEO of the Lupus Mid-South Chapter which includes TN, KY and GA.

So, with all these pieces coming together, along with my friends Larry Demery (retired pitcher for the Pittsburg Pirates) and Eddie Whitson (retired pitcher for the New York Yankees), who are ambassadors for Lupus Foundation; offering their time to fly to Nashville and join us for this inaugural event, the mission begins. We will work hard trying to raise funds for a very mysterious disease, that most people are unaware of its deadly mystery.

Please help me, Larry, Eddie and many others on this mission by signing up and participating on Monday, October 9th (Columbus Day), as a sponsor and/or a player in the inaugural Links For Lupus Golf Tournament. Come join us in the fun, and help us create an awareness of this crippling disease.

John K. Murphy

Tournament Director, Techmatic, Inc., President


October 9, 2017

1:00 PM
Shotgun Start
Four Man Scramble